Intradermal Needle Acupuncture

Often used to treat chronic pain and addictions; these are very thin, very short needles that are used on specific points.

Ear Acupuncture

With ear acupuncture, you can stimulate over 200+ points in the ear which promotes healing in other areas of the body.

Cupping Techniques

Special warm cups are suctioned onto your skin for a few minutes. Cupping therapy is great for treating chronic pain, promoting relaxation, reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and improving overall health.

Gua Shua

With this method, an acupuncturist gently scrapes your skin to stimulate circulation of the tissues; to increase blood flow.

Holistic Healing with Acupuncture Treatment & Therapy

Acupuncture is one of several excellent methods to manage chronic pain. Most patients that suffer with chronic pain issues may see their acupuncturist (or acupuncture expert ) frequently, even when their symptoms are becoming better, so as to maintain their overall sense of wellness.



Passed between a pair of acupuncture needles, a small electric current stimulates your trigger points. This can restore well-being and health, and is especially good for treating chronic pain.


A form of heat therapy in which material, usually made from Chinese mugwort, are burned on or near the surface of the skin.

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